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"Pixcomo" was derived from 3 different keywords - "Pixel, Coins, Money".

It means to convert the game's pixel to coins into real money.

Pixcomo Mart aims to become the trusted and reliable global digital games platform for every gamer to monetize their effort and passion from games.

Pixcomo Mart is a trusted digital platform to connect every gamer.
The gamer can buy and sell in-games items, point card, games currencies, and games ID.

In Pixcomo Mart, the gamer can choose to be a buyer, seller or either both.

Buyer can purchase their favorite items at a cheaper price, enjoy exclusive promotion meanwhile seller can sell various games items in the platform to generate additional income.

Besides that, Pixcomo Mart has committed to protecting the security of every user's online transactions and ensure the privacy of all user's information is kept secure.

Pixcomo Mart has built a win-win ecosystem that educate the world about how games can positively impact people's lives.